Tracey Hart – Associate

Posted September 29th, 2013
Tracey Hart

Who is Tracey Hart?

Tracey Hart is based in South Devon and has gathered a wide range of skill and experience from working in Education for over 30 years.

What experience has Tracey had in education?

As a teaching assistant,teacher and Head teacher Tracey has explored and experienced working in very different teams and has learnt the absolute power of positive relationships and explicit communication.

Tracey has worked with children, staff and Governors in schools, developing leadership skills at all levels with children,parents,staff and Governors and also worked closely with all agencies involved with Children’s services.

Tracey Hart believes strongly in heads investing in themselves

Although a Head teacher for 15 years in two very different schools, Tracey has gone on to work alongside other leaders to support them in professional and personal challenging situations. The clear focus of this often inspiring work was the significance of the emotional health and wellbeing of leaders. Tracey believes that all effective and efficient leaders need to invest in themselves in order to improve and develop the teams they work with and increase the impact and success of their teams.