Mac Macartney

Posted May 2nd, 2014
Mac Macartney

It was a real privilege to see Mac Macartney speak at a Coaching Connect* event.   He is the founder of Embercombe and a wonderful speaker.  On the day of his talk  I was feeling quite tired.  My brain wasn’t able to compute as quickly as normal – my intellectual processes were slow.

When Mac Macartney got up to speak I decided that rather than try and understand what he was saying I would ‘listen’ from my heart and allow whatever needed to be absorb be absorbed.

As a result of this decision I am unable to repeat anything of what he said, however I was left feeling moved and touched.  It wasn’t his words that had left me feeling moved, it was something deeper than words.  It was as though I had understood something beyond my intellect.

Mac Macartney a quote

After the talk I went online to find out more about Mac Macartney.  He has some really sound and authentic views on leadership.  Rather than paraphrase them I thought I’d directly quote from his website.

“To make the choice to become a true leader then, there are three questions anyone must ask themselves. What do I most profoundly love? Aligning our work towards what we most profoundly love allows access to our full potential. Motivation becomes irrelevant. To follow a career that is not located in what we love is a form of betrayal that will eventually sadden. Most of us are only too aware of our shortcomings even if we choose to pretend bullish self-confidence. What are my most profound gifts? Searching and eventually discovering our true gifts equips us with the means to powerfully influence what we love. What are my most profound responsibilities? Deep inquiry into our responsibilities takes courage and may lead us to uncomfortable places, but authentic leadership isn’t possible without taking account of this least popular question.”

The full article (which is actually about him falling into a compost toilet!) can be accessed here Mac Macartney article

An interview with Mac Macartney

After his talk at Coaching Connect I was able to snatch a quick chat with Mac Macartney and I asked him to expand on the three questions.

* Liz Scott is the co-founder of Coaching Connect and provides support and CPD for other coaches in the SW coaching community