The Future of Coaching

Posted August 9th, 2013

What is the future of coaching?  Should schools really be investing in coaching as part of the school’s development?  Three years ago we (Liz and Stu) from Liz Scott Coaching & Training decided to cycle across the UK and speak to some of the great coaching thinkers to ask them.  What did they say?  Are they still right?

The future of coaching – coaching and consultancy

Sir John Whitmore (author of ‘Coaching for Performance’) believes that coaching and consultancy are likely to become indistinguishable from each other.  He sees consultants as being more facilitative and coaches asking tougher questions.

The future of coaching – business develop internally

Myles Downey (author of ‘Effective Coaching’) and Dr Michael Carroll (supervisor and trainer) believes that businesses will start to build their internal capacity for coaching.  So is this happening?  In a sense this is the cornerstone of Liz Scott Coaching & Training.  We are developing coaching in schools and building coaching cultures so that schools can independently spread coaching throughout the school community without relying on an external coach.  Here are our latest coaching in school trainers that are now able to train their teams in coaching skills.

The end of coaching

Nancy Kline (author of ‘Time to Think’) predicts the end of coaching.  Her view is that society will eventually absorb the skills of coaching making it obselete.  She echoes my own view here.  My passion is to spread the skills of coaching throughout businesses and education, ensuring we all have the skills and abilities to listen.  When people feel heard they are able to access their own inner wisdom.  It would be wonderful to live in a world that encouraged this kind of communication and interaction.