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If your organisation is looking for an energetic event with a positive outcome, then facilitation can help deliver the result required. Here at Liz Scott Coaching and Training we ensure that participants are fully engaged with the process and are inspired to develop plans, schemes and actions.

How does facilitation work?

Facilitation works particularly well if one or more organisations have an end result in mind but no clear path on how to reach it. This is where facilitation comes into its own. It makes things happen in a way that enables all the players to have an input and be happy with the result. Everyone’s a winner.

Success stories

Liz Scott Coaching and Training are leaders in the South West and are behind some big success stories in enabling collaborative working.

After facilitating an event at the BBC, John Lilley (the then Head of Centre) was impressed to see; “Such a large number of topics were addressed in such a short time and in such an energetic and passionate way.”

Following a successful international conference with the Chamber of Shipping Peter Hinchliffe remarked: “This took us all back to the basis of our beliefs and then built up on areas of common agreement. This foundation building exercise not only served us well in the two day meeting but it has also given us the building blocks for future discussion … and ultimately considerable international consensus.”

How will Liz Scott Coaching ensure your event is a success?

The first thing we do is to LISTEN. We find out what is required from the facilitation day.
We then bring the team together and facilitate a space for them to talk things through and work out mutually beneficial solutions. We keep the conversation on track, ensuring that it remains focused and targeted – but in a way where everyone feels comfortable and involved.

Facilitation is a problem-solver; it’s sustainable and long-lasting and the great thing about it is that the solutions have been reached by the organisations themselves – they have taken ownership of it.

Don’t just take our word for it when we say we are professionals you can trust - take a look at our case studies and testimonials to see how our coaching has transformed the performance of our clients.

Previous Case Study
Head Teacher Brian Jones
The system that Liz and Stuart created, feeding back to staff, letting them solve their own problems but in a productive way, is one that I would wholeheartedly endorse and I think could be very effective in a lot of schools – because schools are changing and we’ve got to make sure we change with them.

Brian Jones, Head Teacher
Riverside Community Primary School

Brett Dye and Lucy Wandless
I would say that the skills I have developed have aided me in developing and empowering staff and therefore has developed distributed leadership at Godolphin Primary School.

Brett Dye: Head Parc Egos - Lucy Wandless: Head Godolphin
Leadership Coaching Training – Southerly Point

Liz Aspin Senior TA woodlands school
It's been inspirational … Liz has many qualities that she wants to inspire others with. I have learnt so much from working with her."

Liz Aspin: Senior Teaching Assistant Woodlands School
Woodlands Park Primary School

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