Coaching Skills for Leaders

Posted March 4th, 2015
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The Coaching  for Leaders programme combines both coaching skills and leadership development over the course of a year.  The programme also includes 1:1 executive leadership coaching to support the participants in their role.

Leaders will receive training once every half term (it follows the school calendar).  The first and last sessions of the training are full days – intervening sessions are half days.

What does the Coaching  for Leaders training involve?

Each training day explores different areas of leadership and/or coaching.  It has been designed to show how coaching can address some of the core issues that leaders encounter. Please note this course requires real commitment as there is additional work for participants to complete in between the training days.  As well as the training days participants will be expected to:

  • Complete online modules and homework (about 9 hrs in total)
  • Work in a coaching triad both as coach and coachee (about 3hrs in total)
  • Undertake executive Leadership Coaching (about 3.5 hours of commitment)
  • Reading and research (5 hrs in total)
  • Assignment-writing (5 hrs or more – only for those wanting accreditation)
  • Reflective journal of coaching (3 hrs total)

Participants would be expected to commit to the entire programme and to complete appropriate work/practice in between sessions.  Here is a break-down of the learning outcomes.

Day 1: Full Day: Core Coaching Skills

  • Be able to identify the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Introduction to Self-Understanding
  • Explore the power of thought/mood in relationships
  • Identifying clarity of mind

Day 2: Half Day: Developing leadership skills

  • Identify core areas of leadership and personal impact
  • Explore the nature of thought in creating limiting beliefs
  • Introduction to the thought/feeling connection

Day 3: Half Day:  Resilience and Self-Understanding

  • What is stress? Identify the role of thought in creating stress
  • Wellbeing and personal reflection – being at your best
  • Identify leadership priorities using the Time Management Matrix

Day 4: Half Day: Coaching and team members

  • Present the results from an informal 360 degree feedback
  • Separate realities – understand how we see the world differently
  • Use a coaching style to initiate a challenging conversation

Day 5: Half Day: Developing teams through coaching

  • Understand ‘fresh thinking’ and insight in relation to coaching
  • Utilise the ‘Time to Think’ technique in meetings/groups
  • Tapping into the inherent wisdom in teams

Day 6: Full Day: Coaching in the workplace

  • Identify a plan to develop a coaching culture
  • Understand the power of coaching in performance management/reviews
  • Informal assessment of coaching


The Coaching  for Leaders programme is certificated and an additional interview and coursework is required to gain the certificate.

The Coaching Skills for  programme is perfect for groups of 8-12 leaders.

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