Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Here as Liz Scott Coaching and Training we specialise in a number of coaching areas. Each area uses coaching  to uncover the best from within your organisation.

1:1 Leadership Coaching & 1:1 Personal Coaching:

 Leadership coaching enables you to reconnect with your passion for your role.  This one-to-one service is tailored to meet your leadership needs.  Leaders find they are able to focus on key areas like communication, delegation and work life balance. Here’s a comment from one leader about the coaching

Personal Coaching: Many people are mentally drained juggling family and career. Coaching will bring you back in alignment with your innate powerhouse of energy. From a space of clarity you’ll be energised to fully engage with your life bringing it back from monochrome to technicolour!

COST: Our coaching packages start at £2,500-£10,000.
**Education Discount**. Packages in education are from £1,500 to £3,000

Coaching Training:

Our coaching training is all about connection rather than tools, models and techniques. In a world of instant information, digital communication and speed we have designed a training that brings relationships back to centre stage.

Coaching for Leaders: One of our popular leadership programmes involves training days, executive coaching and online learning throughout the year. This is a perfect fit for a group of leaders from the same organisation or business. Check out this case study for further information.

COST: Coaching Training: From £3,000 per person for up to one year training
**Education Discount** of £1,500 per person for up to year long programme

 Education Apprentice: If you would like to run a coaching business or be instrumental in sharing coaching within your organisation then this programme might be a great fit. The focus is purely on coaching, rather than leadership. Have a look at the EdApp programme here

COST: Coaching Training: From £3,300 per person for up to one year training
**Education Discount** of £1,800 per person for the programme


We only provide bespoke solutions for our clients. Please contact us for further information. We work with teams and provide facilitated brainstorming events. Each solution is tailored for the client.

Our prices start at £1,500 a day.


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Don’t just take our word for it when we say we are professionals you can trust - take a look at our case studies and testimonials to see how our coaching has transformed the performance of our clients.

Previous Case Study
Jenny Blunden
“The clear link that the Government has made between the quality of leadership and the outcomes for pupils means that we need the highest skilled leaders in our schools – and coaching development for leaders has an important role to play in achieving this.”

Jenny Blunden - Director, Cornwall Teaching School
Cornwall Teaching School

Head Teacher Brian Jones
The system that Liz and Stuart created, feeding back to staff, letting them solve their own problems but in a productive way, is one that I would wholeheartedly endorse and I think could be very effective in a lot of schools – because schools are changing and we’ve got to make sure we change with them.

Brian Jones, Head Teacher
Riverside Community Primary School

Yr 6 children train the new coaches
“I have seen a huge difference in the Year 6 children; in their confidence, in the way they interact with the younger children, how they communicate with their class teacher and adults and how they have really become leaders. "

The year 6 coaches training new coaches
Children as coaches

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