Coaching for self-understanding

Posted December 17th, 2015


Self-understanding is at the heart of the work of Liz Scott Coaching & Training. We have found that Coaching for self-understanding provides a transformational foundation that points us all to our innate wellbeing.

The philosophy at the heart of the self-understanding approach is that we all have access to innovative and clear thinking – the only thing that gets in the way is old repetitive thinking patterns that we misinterpret. When we get in touch with clear thinking we are able to respond intuitively to people and situations that in the past we would struggle with or worry over.

What’s the difference with traditional ways of interacting?

When we support others we can automatically assume that they need advice and direction. However this approach has limited value. Traditional coaching /mentoring approaches often first tackle ‘behaviours’ and ‘weaknesses.’ This traditional style and approach requires dedication and effort (on the part of the client) to sustain. Whilst this can be supportive there is a more transformative way of working.

Self-understanding focusses on what it is to be human. Self-understanding has a more sustainable and transformative impact. We show people how to get in touch with their innate resilience and wisdom. This in turn gives them the skills and ability to support others to do the same. When people get in touch with self-understanding they naturally align themselves to how life works and automatically get in touch with peace and ease.

The Three area of Self-Understanding

Coaching for self-understanding has been inspired by the Three Principles. You can download an introduction to the 3Ps here if you’re interested to learn more.

The three core areas of self-understanding are:

Thinking: We all think; the quality of our thinking directly relates to our state of mind, which in turn correlates to the quality of our communication and decisions.

Consciousness: We all bring alive our thinking and create our own experience of the world 100% of the time. We all see the world differently

Wisdom: We all have access to a deeper intuitive wisdom and when we clear a space in our heads we can access this wisdom Self-understanding is about clearing a space for connection with self and with others.

Coaching for Self-Understanding

When we share ‘self-understanding’ we are able to point people back to their own wisdom and innate peace of mind. Coaching for self-understanding enables people to gently realign themselves with how life works. When they understand how human beings operate they naturally feel compassion and respectful love for themselves and others.

Authenticity is at the heart of what we advocate. When people are able to access their own authenticity they operate from a solid foundation that nurtures respect.

Coaching for self-understanding celebrates what it is to be human and wakes people up to the wonder and joy present in life.