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Coaching in education can lead to a complete culture change right across the school

Coaching is a perfect fit for schools.  Coaching in education works at every level: local education authority, school leadership teams; teachers, and with the students and children in the classroom.  Here at Liz Scott Coaching and Training we have designed several coaching programmes to support staff across a school community.  These programmes include:

  • The Coaching Foundation Skills programme.  This is a three day training programme that is the signature programme of Liz Scott Coaching & Training
  • The Coaching Skills for Leaders programme.  This is a 6 day (2 full days and 4 half days) programme over the course of a year. It includes 1:1 leadership coaching
  • Coaching for Teaching Assistants.  Take a look at this video on the impact of the programme in one primary school.  Coaching for TAs video

What is the impact of coaching in education?

A coaching culture changes behaviours and empowers people to do their own thinking, to be more independent and become decision-makers. It is about developing leaders throughout the school. This takes the weight off the school head and it provides a more dynamic and effective teaching team.  Coaching is a great way to encourage independent learning in students.  Some schools have taken it a step further and are now developing a cadre of Children as Coaches.

What does the National College say?

The power of coaching is widely accepted in education circles. A report by the ‘National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services’ specifically explored ways of upskilling the school workforce in times of change. This report, called ‘Creating a Coaching Culture’ (by Jo Lindon) concluded that coaching helped in, “promoting a dialogue around what constitutes ‘good teaching’ and more collaborative team-working, more effective planning, more efficient behaviour management strategies and more productive learning conversations.”

We have a practical three day training programe to support the development of a coaching culture in a school.  Our most popular programme is the Coaching Foundation Skills (it is endorsed through the ILM).  There is an additional (optional) assessment and accreditation process for those wishing to extend their skills and understanding.

Coaching promotes a learning culture

Coaching in education changes behaviours that are a barrier to effective working and can lead to a complete culture change personally and right across the school.
Crucially, there is also statistical evidence that children taking part in coaching in education can achieve a more marked improvement in their grades, compared to children without the coaching.

Ofsted recognises the connection between coaching and leadership

Good leadership is pivotal to a good school. Ofsted recognises this on many levels. In a report called Developing Leadership Ofsted notes that: “Coaching and mentoring successfully underpinned training and development.” In another report (Good Professional Standards in Schools) Ofsted recommends that schools, “Extend their understanding of and expertise in coaching.”  We find that schools that invest in 1:1 executive coaching for their leaders are noticing a real difference.  Check out this case study of one primary school in Devon.

A coaching approach in a school can make a real difference for active and independent learning.  This short presentation can give you an overview of the impact that coaching can have in the classroom


Don’t just take our word for it when we say we are professionals you can trust - take a look at our case studies and testimonials to see how our coaching has transformed the performance of our clients.

Previous Case Study
Head Teacher Brian Jones
The system that Liz and Stuart created, feeding back to staff, letting them solve their own problems but in a productive way, is one that I would wholeheartedly endorse and I think could be very effective in a lot of schools – because schools are changing and we’ve got to make sure we change with them.

Brian Jones, Head Teacher
Riverside Community Primary School

Yr 6 children train the new coaches
“I have seen a huge difference in the Year 6 children; in their confidence, in the way they interact with the younger children, how they communicate with their class teacher and adults and how they have really become leaders. "

The year 6 coaches training new coaches
Children as coaches

The teachers feel inspired and a couple have said this has been the best training they’ve had for years. It is having a major impact on the way that they are thinking about the children and in the way they are interacting with the children and with other adults.

Sian Lane, Headteacher
Pinhoe Primary School

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