Coaching audio – Inside-Out

Posted September 21st, 2016

We live the world from the ‘Inside Out’. This is at the heart of the coaching that we deliver at Liz Scott Coaching and Training.

What does this mean?

It means that our psychological experience of the world comes to us via Thought. We generate both our physical reality and our emotional experiences internally.

It looks like the world happens to us and we are at the mercy of it. However, that isn’t the case.

Rather than a victim of circumstances we are the creators of our world. We are create our world from moment to moment.

When we become present to this and see this in action it changes the way we move through life. Things look completely different. We begin to trust that the solutions come from within.

This doesn’t mean that things don’t happen and we don’t feel upset or sad. All it means is that we can only have a pscyhological experience from the Inside Out.

This short recording is an attempt to explain this further.

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