Case Study - Leadership coaching – Sue Clarke

Sue Clarke - Head of Education and Learning Devon County Council

For me, it’s all about performance and the coaching has enabled me to improve my performance as senior officer through focusing on strategies for improvement and to focus on solutions

Who is Sue Clarke?

Sue Clarke was the head of education and learning at Devon County Council and has been awarded the OBE for services to education.

How has Sue utilised leadership coaching?

Sue has worked with Liz Scott for several years, benefiting personally from leadership coaching.

What difference has leadership coaching made?

Sue says that her own performance as a leader was taken to a higher level as a result of the coaching. “Liz asks the questions that make you think about where you really are, not where you want other people to think you are. It’s about adjusting your behaviours and looking at ways forward. She is non-judgmental; she is always positive in her feedback; she sees people’s strengths and she guides you in terms of looking at what you can do and find solutions.My own personal experience is that it is more robust and rigorous; it’s more detached; it’s very much looking at your inner capacity to come up with solutions.”