Caroline Brewer – Associate

Posted November 15th, 2013
Caroline Brewer

Who is Caroline Brewer?

Caroline Brewer comes from a business background, with a long and successful career in Personnel and Development (HR in today’s speak).  For the last 15 years she has worked as an independent consultant, supporting leaders and managers in getting the best from their people through training, team development and facilitation, and coaching.

She has a diploma in Executive and Life Coaching (2007) and has studied Transactional Analysis for many years, using it particularly in a coaching setting.  She has completed over 200 hours of executive coaching.

Caroline has delivered coaching skills training as part of wider management training programmes for a number of organisations.  She believes that developing a coaching based culture is most effective for achieving high performance, particularly in today’s fast paced, pressurised environment.

What is Caroline’s experience in learning and education?

Caroline Brewer is committed to and passionate about learning and development, believing that with the right support, encouragement and hard work everyone can achieve their potential.  She has worked as a voluntary mentor for 4 years in a local secondary school under a Young Enterprise programme and has worked in a voluntary capacity at a sixth form centre delivering a programme to develop the employability of students and developing connections with local businesses.