Accredited Coaching Training

Posted May 1st, 2014

Accredited Coaching Training


What is the point of accredited coaching training?  It’s a good question and not one that has a simple answer.  My (Liz’s) passion here at Liz Scott Coaching & Training is to use coaching to help people to reconnect with themselves and others.  Coaching is a great vehicle to do that.  The practice of sitting and listening with non-judgemental curiosity to another human being is a powerful and precious gift.

It seems as though there is a real thirst in the world for people to be heard and to be accepted.  As humans we are parched.  We are desperate to share our stories, our inner thoughts and experiences and yet who will listen?

Coaching provides a vehicle for communication.  The kind of communication that touches people at a deep level.  The kind of communication that slakes the thirst and helps us to re-connect with ourselves and each other once more.

Here at Liz Scott Coaching & Training we are passionate about re-vitalising the inner world of the people we work with.  We have found that coaching and  coaching training can do this.  The accredited coaching training  is a way to provide a quality-assured, rigorous programme that brings coaching out of theory-books and into  life.  The coaching training is accredited though the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management).

What will the accredited coaching training cover?

We have worked with numerous individuals and organisations and we have distilled the core most fundamental skills of coaching into a three day training programme (with an additional one day for accreditation).

Listening is at the heart of coaching and we spend time exploring and practicing this.  We  touch on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and we develop skills of questioning and summarising.  We also explore the GROW model and learn how to structure a coaching conversation.   The accreditation shows you have integrated, absorbed and practised the skills competently and reached a certain standard.

Who is the accredited coaching training suitable for?

The accredited coaching training is great for people in management and leadership positions who are working with adults and who are keen to have skilful and powerful conversations.  It is also ideal for those in education who are looking to develop the skills of coaching within a school. The three days of training will cover the core skills of coaching. At the end of the programme you will be competent in:

  • Having a conversation that enables the other person to come up with ideas and solutions
  • ‘Being’ with someone so that they feel truly heard and valued
  • Understanding how ‘giving advice’ can create a blockage
  • Being skilled using coaching and mentoring at the appropriate times

Following the training you can also start to develop a coaching approach in your organisation through the follow-up programme of CPD and development.  This is affordable, quality updates to suit your organisations budgets and needs.

The accredited coaching training is NOT suitable if you are looking for quick fixes to ‘sort people out’ or ‘to get others to do what you want’. It won’t work if you’re keen to try and fix someone else or you are impatient to get quick results.  If you want to develop a coaching approach in your life and in your organisation then it takes time to nurture and develop.

How can you find out more about the accredited training programme?

If you would like to learn more about the training programme then contact us here at Liz Scott Coaching & Training.  We would be delighted to talk through your requirements and to ensure our training course will work for you and your organisation.  We believe in talking things through during an ‘exploration call’ to firstly understand you and your needs.  Then we can design something that is appropriate for you.  You can book a call with me directly just email and I will get back to you to sort out a time.

We also run another accredited programme.  This one is specifically designed for leaders. It is called Coaching Skills for Leaders.