About Liz Scott & Stuart Newberry

Liz and Stu


Liz Scott, a former BBC reporter and Stuart Newberry, who has a background of leadership in policing, founded “Liz Scott Coaching and Training” in 2005.

Both Liz and Stuart are highly experienced qualified coaches who have a proven track record for professionalism and trust.

The success in applying their skills is in no short measure down to their friendly, approachable style: People enjoy working with them.

Based in Devon, Liz and Stuart work for clients across the country and speak at conferences and events.

The work of Stu and Liz is underpinned by a fresh psychological understanding (known as both the Three Principles and the Inside-Out understanding).

You can find out more (and download a report) about the Three Principles here.

They are also keen cyclists. Back in 2015 they cycled from Devon to London (pulling their dog in a trailer) and interviewed trainers and facilitators from the world of the Three Principles.

This short video is a montage of their adventure with their Labradoodle Buzz Lightyear.



About Liz Scott

Liz used her communication skills as a reporter and producer for the BBC for 12 years before establishing Liz Scott Coaching and Training.

Liz has a number of areas of coaching expertise, including leadership and education.

Liz has also worked with police forces, education authorities, major companies, tourist attractions and individuals. With her husband Stuart Newberry they founded Coaching Connect. Liz is recognised as a leading coach in the South West.

“I am constantly surprised, humbled and delighted with the powerful spirit that resides in human beings – Liz Scott


Stuart Newberry

Co-founder Stuart enjoyed a successful 30-year career in the police, where he achieved the rank of Detective Superintendent.

His experience as a senior leader for Devon and Cornwall Police included heading up teams in high profile major crime investigations.

Stuart now uses his considerable background as a qualified coach specialising in leadership, business and executive coaching.

“It’s inspiring to be doing this work”- Stuart Newberry

Don’t just take our word for it when we say we are professionals you can trust - take a look at our case studies and testimonials to see how our coaching has transformed the performance of our clients.

Previous Case Study
Julie Nash
“It’s been quite a revolution here over the past 18 months. We have absolutely had our eyes opened… If there were a badge that said you were a coaching school, we’d be going for it.”

Julie Nash - Head Teacher (former)
Cape Cornwall School

Head Teacher Brian Jones
The system that Liz and Stuart created, feeding back to staff, letting them solve their own problems but in a productive way, is one that I would wholeheartedly endorse and I think could be very effective in a lot of schools – because schools are changing and we’ve got to make sure we change with them.

Brian Jones, Head Teacher
Riverside Community Primary School

Brett Dye and Lucy Wandless
I would say that the skills I have developed have aided me in developing and empowering staff and therefore has developed distributed leadership at Godolphin Primary School.

Brett Dye: Head Parc Egos - Lucy Wandless: Head Godolphin
Leadership Coaching Training – Southerly Point

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